January 24th 2011

Wow, it’s been.. 10 days since the last post.

I fail at this. Lol!

So lets see…

My friend just recently turned 20, makes me feel so old.  Hearing and see that number haha.  And the fact that I’m going to hit it in 4 or so months!

I’ve also been really bored lately, finished a whole 25 episode Korean drama, each episode being over an hour long… in 4 days.  Boys Over Flowers was win!  Such a good K Drama.  It gets added to my list of must watch Korean dramas!  And after that, I’ve just started Playful Kiss.  A really high rated K drama, and it’s pretty good so far.

Really glad that the Canucks finally had a good game tonight!  7 – 1 Win over the Dallas Stars.  It was really depressing to watch the Canucks lose game after game in Shootout and Overtime too!  Sure we grabbed a point, but we either didn’t play very well, or we’re just terrible at shootouts.  Game vs Nashville Predators in 2 days, hopefully this win against the Stars mean Canucks are starting their engines again, let’s gun for that President’s trophy.

What else.. Oh yeah! All-stars are this weekend!  It better be damn good!

Superbowl is in like 2 weeks too!  Last day’s games totally made me really sad..  I was hoping for Jets vs Bears for Superbowl.  But of course that didn’t happen, and to make it worse.. neither of them made it to the Superbowl..  Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers!  Looks like the Steelers are going to take the Superbowl again… It’ll still be a damn good game.

Life has mainly sucked since the last post.

Everyday is the same, and way too boring =/

I need to do something more with my days.  Hmm…

I guess that’s pretty much it for 10 days.  Haha, and I thought I would have to write a lot!

Guess I’ll post again… once I feel like it.. xD

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January 14th 2011

Well, didn’t post in a few days..

Today was rainy, then it cleared up in the afternoon, and became just cloudy.

I finally got over my cold today, pretty much all gone, and most likely for sure gone tomorrow! Hurray. Finally can get back to doing some stuff, and working out again.  Instead of resting in bed.

Got a haircut today, really short now!

And watched the hockey game.

Canucks vs Capitals, Ovie got served, he tried, but to no avail. =]

And we had two more games before this one.

Canucks vs Islanders, close game, won in shootout, we played so terribly.

Cancuks vs Rangers, also a close game, we lost, and got shutout, but overall we didn’t play too, too bad.  Their goalie was too beast, and Cory Schneider was beast too, but our players couldn’t just couldn’t finish it.

That’s it for today!

Tomorrow is another Saturday! Time for TKD etc etc etc.

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January 10th 2011

Boring ass day.

Felt even more sick compared to yesterday which = more meds! Hurray. Lol.

Didn’t get up until like.. 12 or 1 today.. and took a bunch of naps midday.

Feeling a little better, but throat is still sore, nose is still plugged, and a little bit of a cough.

At least I leveled up my Maplestory character to 85 today. xD

Sleep. now.

Canucks vs Islanders tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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January 9th 2011

Hella sunny out today.  But still cold… checked long term weather report.. gonna snow this weekend… Actually looking forward to that, haven’t seen snow in a long long time.. especially when they said this year’s snow is gonna be like.. 2008’s.

Woke up feeling like shit.  Felt like a cold coming on yesterday… real cold hits today.  Fuuu. Been downing meds all day, lovely! Soon to be drug addict. Haha

Rested and played some video games.  Obviously didn’t feel like leaving the house, and shouldn’t at all.

More meds tomorrow, hopefully this will go away soon..  Never fun.


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January 8th 2011

Saturday. And I’m out doing the usual Saturday stuff.

Lunch, then my brother had piano lessons, and I had Tae Kwon Do lessons.

Home afterwards, and had dinner out with some family friends.  Boring dinner, but at least they had tv’s at the restaurant, and I got to watch the game.

Good game, Canucks vs Red Wings.  Too bad we loss, but at least we got the OT/SO point!

Next up Islanders on Tuesday, gonna be a breeze right?

Really tired, and beginning to feel a little sick… Gonna rest up tomorrow and hope it clears up soon!

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January 7th 2011

Just another day…

Literally hardcore Maplestory today… Wanted to get to level 70 and 3rd job advancement really bad.  Probably played too much today, but at least I’m level 70 and 3rd job now! Hurray? Haha.

Had such an awesome lunch today too. Made it myself!  Grill cheese sandwiches, bacon, and sunny side up eggs!  Protein extravaganza!!

Canucks game tonight was ownage!  Kesler with his second hat trick this season.  And not to mention a 6 – 1 win? Schneider is so damn solid in net, too bad he can never net a shutout.

That’s it for today!

Tae Kwon Do lessons tomorrow and family dinner =O. That’s gonna be boring….

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January 6th 2011

Once again posting “technically” the day after =P

Good day today.

Got up really late again.. like… 11 – 12 ish.  So bad.. I need to start sleeping earlier and getting up earlier.

Had “Lunch”, and pretty much played some DotA and Maplestory for the most of the day.

Got a text from a Kimmii, haven’t seen her in a while, nor talked to her for a while.  She came over and we just chatted, and she had to borrow some things, it was good seeing her and catching up again.

Worked out earlier too, and sleep now.

Nights all, another Canucks game tomorrow. Extend that streak baby!

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January 5th 2011

Gonna be extra short today.

Wispy snow, and freezing outside, glad I never had to step out of the house today Haha.

Didn’t get out of bed until like.. 2 pm? And then by the time I had made and finished lunch, it was almost time for the World Juniors Game.

Really sad Canada lost 5 – 3 to Russia.  Fucking dirty Russians. We’ll get them next year and all the years after.

Canucks game went super well though! Which was good, right after that terrible loss.  3- 1 for the Canucks, but too bad for Luongo.  This is like his 4th time letting a late goal in that screws up his shutout.  Fuuu

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January 4th 2011

Another day..

Today was pretty chill, not too boring of a day.  Had to go and pay some bills today at the bank, man that was some hell of a line up at the bank.  First day the bank opens after like a 4 day break, and everyone is there.  Wtf?

Headed to school to do some shit, and still dropping off resumes both physically and through online.  Need job now… Fuuu!!!

Pretty much just another day after that.  Stayed home, watched some tv, played some video games, chow down on junk food, work out.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s hockey game and world juniors! Canada is gonna fucking own Russia for that gold medal, and Canucks better make that streak to 7.

How was first day of school for everyone?

I think that’s it for today.  Laters.

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January 3rd 2011

Well then..
Already failing to keep the daily blog write ups haha! And actually writing this on the 4th! Oops?

Today was a pretty good day.
Sunny outside, but freezing cold temperatures. Brr.
Went and dropped off some resumes, gonna need to find some serious work for the next few months! No school = must work.

And to top it off: Hockey!
World Juniors: Canada vs USA. Redemption win! GG USA, Canada vs Russia in the Finals, can’t wait.
Canucks vs Sharks. What a good way to end the night, tight game but a good 4 – 3 win for the Canucks! Top of the NHL.

Weather report says it’s gonna snow tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully it does, it was supposed to snow a lot this year, but it hasn’t really happened yet!

And I think that’s it for today, hoping tomorrow will be just as great!

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