January 3rd 2011

Well then..
Already failing to keep the daily blog write ups haha! And actually writing this on the 4th! Oops?

Today was a pretty good day.
Sunny outside, but freezing cold temperatures. Brr.
Went and dropped off some resumes, gonna need to find some serious work for the next few months! No school = must work.

And to top it off: Hockey!
World Juniors: Canada vs USA. Redemption win! GG USA, Canada vs Russia in the Finals, can’t wait.
Canucks vs Sharks. What a good way to end the night, tight game but a good 4 – 3 win for the Canucks! Top of the NHL.

Weather report says it’s gonna snow tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully it does, it was supposed to snow a lot this year, but it hasn’t really happened yet!

And I think that’s it for today, hoping tomorrow will be just as great!

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2 Responses to January 3rd 2011

  1. hiya :3
    i didn’t know who you were until i saw the tweets at the bottom XD
    welcome to the world of blogging !!
    hope you have fun with it

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