January 4th 2011

Another day..

Today was pretty chill, not too boring of a day.  Had to go and pay some bills today at the bank, man that was some hell of a line up at the bank.  First day the bank opens after like a 4 day break, and everyone is there.  Wtf?

Headed to school to do some shit, and still dropping off resumes both physically and through online.  Need job now… Fuuu!!!

Pretty much just another day after that.  Stayed home, watched some tv, played some video games, chow down on junk food, work out.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s hockey game and world juniors! Canada is gonna fucking own Russia for that gold medal, and Canucks better make that streak to 7.

How was first day of school for everyone?

I think that’s it for today.  Laters.

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