January 14th 2011

Well, didn’t post in a few days..

Today was rainy, then it cleared up in the afternoon, and became just cloudy.

I finally got over my cold today, pretty much all gone, and most likely for sure gone tomorrow! Hurray. Finally can get back to doing some stuff, and working out again.  Instead of resting in bed.

Got a haircut today, really short now!

And watched the hockey game.

Canucks vs Capitals, Ovie got served, he tried, but to no avail. =]

And we had two more games before this one.

Canucks vs Islanders, close game, won in shootout, we played so terribly.

Cancuks vs Rangers, also a close game, we lost, and got shutout, but overall we didn’t play too, too bad.  Their goalie was too beast, and Cory Schneider was beast too, but our players couldn’t just couldn’t finish it.

That’s it for today!

Tomorrow is another Saturday! Time for TKD etc etc etc.

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