January 24th 2011

Wow, it’s been.. 10 days since the last post.

I fail at this. Lol!

So lets see…

My friend just recently turned 20, makes me feel so old.  Hearing and see that number haha.  And the fact that I’m going to hit it in 4 or so months!

I’ve also been really bored lately, finished a whole 25 episode Korean drama, each episode being over an hour long… in 4 days.  Boys Over Flowers was win!  Such a good K Drama.  It gets added to my list of must watch Korean dramas!  And after that, I’ve just started Playful Kiss.  A really high rated K drama, and it’s pretty good so far.

Really glad that the Canucks finally had a good game tonight!  7 – 1 Win over the Dallas Stars.  It was really depressing to watch the Canucks lose game after game in Shootout and Overtime too!  Sure we grabbed a point, but we either didn’t play very well, or we’re just terrible at shootouts.  Game vs Nashville Predators in 2 days, hopefully this win against the Stars mean Canucks are starting their engines again, let’s gun for that President’s trophy.

What else.. Oh yeah! All-stars are this weekend!  It better be damn good!

Superbowl is in like 2 weeks too!  Last day’s games totally made me really sad..  I was hoping for Jets vs Bears for Superbowl.  But of course that didn’t happen, and to make it worse.. neither of them made it to the Superbowl..  Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers!  Looks like the Steelers are going to take the Superbowl again… It’ll still be a damn good game.

Life has mainly sucked since the last post.

Everyday is the same, and way too boring =/

I need to do something more with my days.  Hmm…

I guess that’s pretty much it for 10 days.  Haha, and I thought I would have to write a lot!

Guess I’ll post again… once I feel like it.. xD

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